When singer Antigoni Baxton enters the villa, Love Island is to be shaken by the arrival of another bomber.

A 26-year-old woman from London will have a dramatic admission in the episode on Wednesday. In this episode, you can also choose three boys for her date.

Singer-songwriter, daughter of TV chef and restaurant owner Tonia Baxton, says she brings “positive energy” to the hit ITV dating show.

But speaking before arrival, she admitted that she was “quite competitive.”

“It’s not my intention to step on someone’s toes, but if I feel the energy and connections from someone in a very open and honest way, I’ll explore it, but be transparent to everyone in the situation. Become.”

Antigoni has been single for almost a year and a half, so she registered for the show and explained that her goal was “to have as many different experiences as possible.”

She hasn’t yet revealed who she’s looking at in the villa because she feels she needs to “meet someone in person and see their energy and atmosphere” first.

In Wednesday’s episode, Antigoni relaxes in a sun lounger and creates her entrance while the islanders wake up.

Talking about her arrival at the beach hat, fellow new girl Danica Taylor said:

“But obviously I’m like’what’s going to happen next’because I don’t have a guy here yet.”

After her arrival, Antigoni has the chance to date David Sancrimenti, Dami Hope and Jay Younger.

On his first date with David, he said:

Antigoni agreed, “I can’t be real. It’s impossible.” “I’m the same. I can’t lie.”

She also seems to have something to do with Dami. She tells him: I will never do anything to say. “

But when she tells him that she thinks she’s attracted to her, things will get hot between her and Jay.

When he urges her to reason, she says: “You have never broken eye contact with me. It tells you that you are attracted to me.”

The dating show also makes fun of another male contestant arriving at the villa soon.

While the boy watches from the terrace, the girl prepares to meet the new islanders in the garden.

Love Island will continue tonight at 9pm on ITV2 or Virgin Media2.

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