Two new farmers’ mental health and welfare tools were unveiled at TeagascBeef2022’s Open Day on Tuesday in Grange, Meath.

His resources were developed by the Farm Safety Partnership Working Group of the Health and Safety Department with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture.

New guides have been developed to address issues such as adequate exercise, a healthy diet, and coping with stress.

In addition to this, a new video was released today detailing the mental health challenges facing Wexford sheep and cattle farmer George Graham.

The third-generation shear machine has represented Ireland 11 times in the world championships, and in the clip he explained that the first step to seek help is the most difficult, but most important for recovery. I am.

“This is probably the worst place ever. A better way to explain it is like going through a long, dark, winding, narrow tunnel. In some places it can be very steep. It’s possible, “said George.

“It’s difficult to go through the tunnel on your own, but if you keep going, you’ll go through the tunnel, and when you get to the end, there’s light, and the light gets brighter and brighter.”

Agricultural independence asked the minister responsible for farm safety how he could help regions of the country where farm-related suicides are endemic.

“One of the things I wanted to do when I became the Minister of Farm Safety was to use the EIP model to fund community groups from scratch,” said Minister of State Martin Haydon. ..

“I was able to secure € 1.8 million in a continuous budget to fund eight projects that are currently undergoing a launch process.

“Some of these are in Cork, working on different areas of farmer health and welfare, safety and inheritance.”

The Minister explained that the European Innovation Partnership Scheme may focus on the challenges facing farmers in some parts of the country, but learning and support can be applied nationwide.

“The challenges faced by farmers do not change much from Ballina to Bankrody. We need to make sure that the measures we have taken can be expanded in time,” said Minister Haydon.

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