A new survey released today found that Irish animation graduates were “not ready for the industry” when they graduated from college.

The studio was pleased with the talent and abilities of the graduates, but said there were some gaps in software knowledge and skills. 60% of the studios surveyed emphasized that lack of knowledge about animation software programs was a problem.

The “Skill Gap in the Irish Animation Sector” research report was commissioned by Animation Ireland, the leading agency of Irish animation studios, in 2021 and funded by FisÉireann / Screen Ireland (Screen Ireland), the Irish Broadcasting Station, and Animation Skillnet. Received the offer.

According to the report, many universities train their graduates with software programs that are not commonly used in Irish animation studios.

Given the rapid growth of the industry in recent years and the shift from traditional practices to digital output, universities have focused on the basics and principles of animation in the hope that students will be able to adapt to new software.

In addition, Irish universities do not currently offer student-only 3D / CGI animation courses.

Due to recent advances in digital and remote opportunities, many Irish graduates have chosen to pursue opportunities in overseas studios.

Only 10 percent of recent animation graduates work in Irish animation studios. One reason for this, according to the report, is that most of the content produced at Irish animation studios is aimed at children under the age of 12, and some graduates are working on content aimed at a wider audience. Because I want to.

Skill requirements

At the time of the report’s release, Animation Ireland CEO Ronan McCabe said: We will work more closely to help students prepare for the industry. This report provides some important recommendations for this. We have already seen the launch of the National Talent Academy for Animation, funded by Screen Ireland. This is a gap. “

McCabe said: “The Irish animation industry continues to grow and we need to work harder to attract the staff we need. Animation is a fun, satisfying and rewarding career with more youth participation. Animation Ireland’s current job is to carefully review reports and their recommendations, consult with studios and other stakeholders, and shape the path to future sector interests. “

Gareth Lee, Skills Manager at Screen Ireland, said: An institution that acts on the recommendations of the report, starting with the establishment of an industry / education skills committee to be convened later this year. “

The “Skill Gap in the Irish Animation Sector” research report was produced by Yvonne Hennessy, an animation expert with over 20 years of experience and a lecturer at Shannon Institute of Technology. She regularly contributes to academic journals and international conferences.

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