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A new study shows that about 200 TWh of electricity can be generated from Norwegian solar cells. This far exceeds the entire Norwegian electricity production from water and wind today.

Multiconsult has calculated the technical potential of solar power in Norway.

Bjørn Thorud, who is responsible for the mapping process carried out at the solar energy cluster, told Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) that there is huge untapped potential for solar energy in Norway.

Of Norway’s total electricity generation of 157 TWh, hydropower accounts for 138 TWh and wind power accounts for 15 TWh. Currently, solar power accounts for only 0.15% of Norway’s electricity production.

“A suitable roof or façade for a commercial building, house, barn or garage can generate about 66 TWh of electricity per year, which is about half of what is used in this country, so a significant amount,” he said. Thorud said.

“Taking into account the potential development of land such as agricultural areas, car parks and closed landfills that are assumed to be inactive, solar energy production could contribute a total of 199 TWh per year. ,” Solar Cluster wrote in its report. .

In its calculations, Multiconsult only considers the technical feasibility of solar energy and not the financial feasibility.

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