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Monday’s electricity bill record surpasses Tuesday, with spot prices in southwestern Norway rising to NOK 3.07 per kilowatt hour.

Prices apply to Power Area NO2, which includes Hardangervidda, Rogaland, Agder, Telemark, and Vestland County south of the former Vestfold.

According to Europower, Tuesday’s daily price will be the highest recorded on a summer day. The previous summer record was set on Monday. Also, Tuesday’s price will be the highest registered so far this year.

Including the grid rent and charges, the price will be around 4 Norwegian kroner and 50 Norwegian kroner per 1kWh. However, that was before power subsidies were considered.

In the Oslo region (NO1) and the Bergen region (NO3), the spot price on Tuesday will be 1.88 Norwegian krone per kWh. In Central Norway and Northern Norway, prices drop to 0.02 Norwegian krone per kWh.

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