Newly appointed UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak once spoke of “his ambition to make the UK a global hub for cryptocurrency technology” and commissioned the Royal British Mint to create an NFT.

Prime Minister Sunak previously served as Minister of Finance, a role similar to that of Minister of Finance, but the Ministry of Finance, who held the position earlier this year, said that “stablecoins are valid payments as part of a broader plan.” plan to be recognized as a method”. To make the UK his global hub for cryptocurrency technology and investments. “

“The measures include a ‘financial market infrastructure sandbox’ to help companies innovate, an FCA-led ‘CryptoSprint’, working with the Royal Mint on NFTs, and an engagement group to work more closely with the industry. includes legislation for

In April of this year, then-Prime Minister Sunak said:

“We want to see the businesses of tomorrow and the jobs they create here in the UK. Effective regulation can give them the confidence they need to think and invest for the long term. You can,” he added.

In April of this year, the UK Treasury announced that Mr Sunak had “asked the Royal British Mint to produce an NFT to be issued by the summer”, adding that “this decision reflects the It shows a forward-looking approach that we are determined to take.” in England. “

Snack’s appointment sparked media interest focused on cryptocurrencies, with Coindesk publishing an article titled “Crypto-friendly Rishi Snack Becomes UK Prime Minister” and Cointelegraph “Wealthy I am a cryptocurrency believer and was once Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.” I commissioned Royal NFT. “

The Bermuda government also aims to encourage new businesses in the cryptocurrency genre.


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