Over 40 crypto artworks and interactive areas make up Dream Space: New Wave in the Metaverse. This is the Metaverse Industry Association Macau (MIAM) Non-Fungible Token (NFT) exhibition at The Parisian Macau until his February 24th.

Thomas Ao Ka Seng, founder of MIAM and partner at Web 3.0 investment firm Mindfulness Capital, said the artwork will be rotating in the coming months and will also host seminars as an opportunity to interact with the public. said it would. and companies on the metaverse.

NFTs A crypto asset on a blockchain, with a unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes it from each other.

When asked why Macau appears to be lagging behind the Metaverse and NFTs, Ao said it doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it could be due to the existing internet infrastructure. I said yes. I am happy with it.”

Ao also believes that when it comes to Chinese culture, it tends to reinforce the idea of ​​getting a stable job, and is less prone to disrupting the industry as a whole and doing new things to face essential challenges. But he believes Macau is catching up, adding that from an entrepreneurial perspective, Macau is already learning from places like Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.

Ao also said Macau has the “ingredients” to keep up with the latest technology and video games for Macau’s younger generation over the past two decades, but if businesses are willing to take risks. There was an issue as to whether One’s cash flow in investing in the metaverse, if the term itself is not yet well defined.

Of the segments that could benefit from investing in the Metaverse, Ao said consumer and fashion-related products, as well as conferences and information technology (IT) services, could likely benefit. .

Regarding the future pursuit of the Metaverse in Macau, Ao told the Macau Post Daily that innovation is either “start-up companies that want to disrupt the existing order” or big companies that “take huge resources into space to monopolize it.” said to be driven by He said it could happen in Macau.

He added that he’s seen boutique-scale startups doing things like card games and original animations.

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