Nice Air canceled all scheduled flights from Akureyri to the United Kingdom in June. Vísir reports that the airline has experienced some so-called “Brexit-related complications” as far as passengers to Iceland are concerned.

Brexit-related disorders

Nice Air embarked on its first flight from Iceland to the United Kingdom last week. However, the plane flew back to Iceland, forcing travelers who booked tickets to Akureyri to fly back with other airlines.

A press release from Nice Air today announced that all scheduled flights from Akureyri to the United Kingdom were canceled in June, Vísir reports. Nice Air operates flights from Malta’s charter airline Hi Fly, but UK officials claim that they do not have the necessary permits to travel to and from the UK.

“Nevertheless, they are listed as certified flight operators by the UK authorities,” the press release reads. “In addition, authorities have stipulated that Icelandic company NiceAir will secure a UK travel agency license for the sale of travel packages (flights, hotels, car rentals) beyond the scope of Niceair’s operations. The three-month application process did not mention these terms anywhere. “

“As far as we can collect, the problem is, among other things, that Iceland has a bilateral agreement on flight operations with the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom has a similar agreement with the EU. These two agreements are This is a duplicate in the UK. This problem arises when you start transporting passengers from the UK to Iceland with a flight operator who has a statutory residence in the EU (not Iceland or the UK). ” The press release also states that UK authorities are likely to be concerned about consumer protection. After Brexit, UK authorities have ceased automatic approval of European consumer law.

It is unlikely that a solution will be found before the weekend

Even though Niceair is working on a solution to the problem, it is unlikely that a solution will be found by the weekend.

“We have worked non-stop to find solutions and have proposed a number of solutions to the UK authorities,” the press release said. “We have been supported by the Icelandic Department of Transportation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British Embassy in Iceland, but we have not found a solution. Due to the approaching weekend and lack of personnel and time. , There seems to be no solution before that. “

Travelers will not be able to book flights to the UK until a permanent solution has been found. Refunds will be provided to all passengers who book flights to the UK on the airline. Nice Air also assists those looking for alternative flights to and from the UK. reported that about 70 passengers who booked a flight to London on Nice Air this afternoon were waiting at Akureyri Airport. Their flight was scheduled for yesterday evening, but today it was pushed back at noon.

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