Much of central Reykjavík had no hot water last night and will remain so until morning, according to a preliminary report on the website of Veitur, Iceland’s state-owned utility.

Repair work started at 9pm last night and is expected to continue until at least 9am today.

Affected areas include parts of West of downtown Reykjavik, Kringlumyarbraut to Grandi, and Vesturbær.

A map of the affected areas can be accessed from Veitur’s website.

Residents are advised to turn off the hot water faucet during routine maintenance to prevent damage when hot water returns. Affected people are also advised to take measures to conserve heat during temporary power outages, such as keeping windows and doors closed.


A post first appeared in Iceland Review saying that much of downtown Reykjavík has no hot water during routine maintenance.

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