New York: Apple regularly issues updates for the software that comes with your iPhone. But the latest isn’t – an upgrade Apple released Wednesday closes a security hole that allows hackers to take control of his iPhone and several other popular Apple products. Thing.

Security experts warn that everyone with an iPhone should install the update as soon as possible to protect all the personal information many people store on their devices.

Without the latest updates, hackers can take full control of Apple devices, allowing intruders to impersonate their true owners and run software in their name.

The company also released a fix to block security threats on iPad and Mac. The flaw may already be “actively exploited,” according to the company, and had to fix other security issues earlier this year.

How can I fix this?

Good news? There is an easy fix. You should be able to find it easily. Start with the Settings app with an icon that looks like an old clock gear. Go to the “General” section and then to the “Software Updates” section. The page that appears will either give you quick instructions or will tell you if your device has already been updated.

According to security experts, the whole process usually takes only a few minutes. .

Why is it urgent to update Apple devices?

Commercial spyware companies such as Israel’s NSO Group have been known to identify and exploit such flaws, covertly infecting target smartphones, siphoning their content, and exploiting them in malware that monitors the target in real time. I’m here. It’s the best risk to avoid.

Why isn’t this done on Apple devices?

Apple devices are set to auto-update by default, but it may take some time before auto-updates start. Also, updates are generally not triggered unless they are able to run, which usually doesn’t happen unless the iPhone is plugged into a power outlet at the time. It’s easier to check for the latest updates and do it manually.

Does this mean Apple isn’t doing enough to protect its users?

No. In reality, hackers are always looking for ways to gain unauthorized access to phones, tablets, computers and other internet-connected devices for various malicious and illegal purposes. Apple products tend to be prime targets due to their popularity, making them attractive targets.

Jamie Collier, Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor at cybersecurity firm Mandiant and Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies, said: “It’s really a function of the fact that they’re innovating. It means that we are deploying things.”

What Apple devices are affected?

Affected devices include iPhone 6S and newer models. Some models of iPad, including 5th generation and newer, all iPad Pro models, and iPad Air 2. and a Mac computer running MacOS Monterey. This flaw also affects some iPod models.

How do I update my iPad and Mac?

You can update your iPad using the same process as above.[設定]Go to[一般]Click[ソフトウェア アップデート]Click. On Mac,[システム環境設定],[ソフトウェア アップデート]to the next.

What are the risks of my phone being compromised?

Unless you’re a journalist, dissident, or human rights activist, it’s highly unlikely. The kinds of spyware created to exploit this kind of vulnerability are expensive and usually reserved for targeted hacking.

“As long as you keep your system up to date, you’ll be fine,” says Collier. “Normally, when vulnerabilities in phones or iPhones, for example, are exploited, they tend to be very targeted and very focused on a small subset of individuals. It is unlikely that you will see what you are doing.”

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