Travelers heading to Macau from foreign countries, Hong Kong or Taiwan no longer need to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination Starting today.

The Coordination Center for COVID-19 Response said that arrivals from foreign countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan will continue to be subject to nucleic acid testing (NAT) and hotel quarantine requirements.

All foreigners departing to Macau are now required to present a NAT certificate confirming a negative Covid-19 result valid for 48 hours when boarding flights to Macau.

All travelers from Hong Kong or Taiwan are required to present a negative Covid-19 result valid for 24 hours when boarding shuttle buses from Hong Kong or flights from Taiwan.

Currently, all arrivals from foreign countries, Hong Kong or Taiwan are required to undergo 7-day hotel quarantine and 3-day self-health management.

To date, anyone over the age of 12 traveling to Macau from a foreign country, Hong Kong or Taiwan must have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least 14 days prior, i.e. have acquired basic full immunity. or to show a doctor’s certificate. A certificate certifying that you have not been able to receive vaccination against the new coronavirus for two months or more.

Additionally, confirm that travelers aged 18 or older who received the last required shot of the basic full immunity Covid-19 vaccine more than 7 months ago also received at least one Covid-19 booster jab. I had to show proof.

Travelers heading to Macau from mainland China have never been the only ones subject to the government’s mandatory Covid-19 vaccination requirements.

A statement last night said the government’s decision to no longer require arrivals from countries or territories at high risk of Covid-19 to present vaccination certificates means that “vaccination for Covid-19 is no longer important. I emphasized that it does not mean

Instead, the government has decided to lift the Covid-19 vaccination requirement on arrival after considering that the majority of travelers have met the new coronavirus vaccination requirements, according to the center. The center said continuing to require people departing for Macau to show their Covid-19 vaccination certificate would cause them unnecessary inconvenience.

As of last night, Macau’s Covid-19 tally was 793 confirmed and 1,455 asymptomatic cases, of which 785 and 1,349 have been cured, according to the health department. as it is.

As of yesterday, 620,567 people in Macau had been vaccinated. The number of vaccinations was 1.47 million.

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