Nominations for the annual Technology Innovation Awards will be accepted until September 30th.

A government spokesperson said: [EDD] We are pleased to announce the launch of the annual Technology Innovation Awards (also known as Tech Awards).

“Since 2007, EDD has proudly celebrated the best Bermuda-based companies and products and has established itself in the technology industry both domestically and internationally.

“Tech Awards aims to honor and reward Bermuda and Bermuda-based creators and innovators who are doing outstanding work in Bermuda’s technology industry. Therefore, the community is Bermuda’s most innovative technology solution. We are invited to endorse Bermuda shorts companies, organizations and individuals who are considering the development of practices and educational processes.

“This year’s awards fall into the categories of” International Market Innovation, “” Local Market Innovation, “” Most Innovative Youth Project, “and” Most Innovative Mobile Application. ” Award nominations can be submitted online at until September 30, 2022. Award criteria are available on our website. “

Jason Heyward, Minister of Economy, Labor and Welfare, said: “Despite the size of our island, Bermuda has repeatedly shown that we have a wealth of talent, creativity and innovation. TechAwards recognizes Bermuda’s ingenuity. It provides an opportunity to introduce and serves as a means of encouraging and inspiring future innovators.

“If you know of Bermuda’s innovative products and services backed by technology, we highly recommend nominated for a Tech Award so that the larger community can recognize them.”

Ray Jones, EDD Director, said: As the island looks to the future, we look forward to recognizing the remarkable development of fintech and the technology industry. We look forward to celebrating publicly to see what the people, individuals and organizations of Bermuda have developed. “

A spokeswoman said: “Candidates will be evaluated by the Tech Awards Committee, which consists of local leaders in the fintech and technology industries. Top candidates in each category will be recognized at the reception in October 2022.

“If you have developed or have an innovative technology product or service, you can recommend them at from now until September 30, 2022.”

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