Norwegian police are making further adjustments to the requirements for issuing emergency passports. Those who have booked a trip from Wednesday to June 1st can apply.

“It also affects children under the age of 18 who booked a trip after June 1,” police said.

on mail Norway today,group leader Bjørn Vandvik The police department said people must be able to provide documents to back up their requests.

“Anyone who can arrange a trip and present documents such as plane tickets and bookings by June 1st (where the new rules apply),” said Vandvik.

Further rule adjustment is possible

In addition, police say they will continue to monitor passport inventory for the next few months.

“The number of emergency passports is limited. We need to make it available to anyone who needs a passport in an emergency. We will adjust the criteria as needed,” Vandvik explained.

Reduce ques

He added that police are also working to reduce passport questions.

“We urged all police stations to increase staff and strive to provide as many appointments as possible from summer to autumn and winter.

“Norwegians can apply for either a passport or a national ID card. This restriction was implemented to allow as many people as possible to obtain either.

“This measure had a positive impact on passport questions, as many chose a national ID card (valid for travel within EU / EEC countries and Switzerland).

“We also work closely with our suppliers to monitor their capacity. Recently, we have been able to create almost twice as many national ID cards as we estimate.” Vandvik concludes.

Robin-Ivan Capar is a contributor and editor of Norway Today.

Source: #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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