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The Norwegian Government and the Socialist Left Party (SV) have agreed to increase the development aid budget by 2.5 billion kroner, prioritizing the UN’s core support, human rights and civil society.

After three weeks of negotiations, the Labor Party, the Center Party, and the Socialist Left Party have reached an agreement on a revised national budget.

“This budget agreement will lead Norway in a more equitable and environmentally friendly direction. We are reversing most of the reductions in development aid, so Norway can emerge in times of crisis,” SV said. Fiscal policy spokesman Kari Elisabeth Kaski said.

Save the Children praises SV’s efforts to help the world’s poorest people and is pleased that the party has been able to overturn many of the government’s proposals to reduce aid.

“I still believe the government should have gone further,” said Secretary-General Birgitte Lange.

“The result of this negotiation is that at least one million children will be educated, authoritative leaders will increase resistance from brave human rights advocates, and more women and girls will be protected from sexual violence. Let’s do it, “Lange added.

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