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Several options for moving the Freya walrus were considered before the Fisheries Service decided to euthanize the walrus.

A veterinarian at the Norwegian Institute of Oceanography (HI) was asked for advice when the Fisheries Authority considered moving the walrus without euthanizing it. Several options were considered for capturing and stunning marine mammals weighing 600 kilograms, but HI did not recommend any of them.

Among the suggestions were to stun Freya, or catch her with a net and then stun the animal. Her first two proposals raised concerns that walruses would drown after anesthesia was applied before they could be captured.

“Relocation was considered, but the outcome was too uncertain and it was concluded that it was very dangerous for the animals,” said Nadia Zidaini, senior communications adviser at the Fisheries Department. .

“Considerations for the life and health of people always weigh heavily in such decisions.

The euthanasia of a walrus on Sunday has made news in much of the world. Fisheries Director Frank Bakke-Jensen and his wife Hilde Schlerb received death threats after the walrus was brought down.

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