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According to the Irish Minister for Children and Equality KjerstiToppe (SP), those who give birth with the help of foreign surrogate mothers must be prosecuted.

Toppe told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) that it is illegal to use a surrogate mother in Norway and therefore it should not be permitted to use a surrogate mother abroad.

In a message to the NRK, she wrote that she wanted to criminalize the use of surrogate mothers abroad.

“Punishing those who do this is not important to me, but the disciplinary provisions form an attitude and support the seriousness of the legal provisions. The important thing is to clarify that this is prohibited. That’s what Toppe wrote in NRK.

Already in 2017, Toppe advocated such a ban, comparing it to the fact that it is a criminal offense for Norwegians to buy sex abroad.

Meanwhile, Liberal Party (V) Grunde Almeland hopes that talking about people with children with surrogacy will help start a discussion about legalizing surrogacy in Norway.

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