Preben Aavitsland, the doctor in charge of the National Institute of Public Health (FHI), says it was a mistake to close the school during the corona pandemic.

“Closing the school was a mistake and shouldn’t have happened. It wasn’t necessary,” Aavitsland told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

He says it helped give the impression that the coronavirus is dangerous to children.

“Few children get seriously ill from the virus,” he said.

FHI mainly opposes school closures

Aavitsland pointed out that FHI was primarily opposed to closing schools for most of the pandemic. He said FHI fought the school closure.

However, according to Aavitsland, some municipalities and the Norwegian Department of Health were more enthusiastic about closing schools.

In Aavitsland’s view, the results were significant.

“In some parts of the world, there were low thresholds for closing schools. What we are seeing now is whether children between the ages of 2-3 are wearing face masks. It means that you are supposed to be vaccinated, “he said.

“At FHI, we’ve always believed that the least affected people shouldn’t suffer the most,” he continued.

Nakstad: Needed to close the school

Espen Nakstad, assistant director of the Norwegian Department of Health, rejects this criticism. He claims that schools needed to be closed to reduce the spread of the infection.

“I think most people agree that closure is an effective tool if the goal is to control the pandemic and quickly limit the infection,” he told NRK.

“Just because it reduces the mobility of everyone in society,” he added.

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