At the Qatar-Norway Chamber of Commerce held at the headquarters of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce yesterday, the first vice chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed bin Toile al-Kwari and Epsen Texum, Innovation Norway in the Middle East and others. With the people involved.

Doha: Qatar and Norway enjoy strong economic ties and investment in various business sectors. Qatar’s attractive infrastructure and investment base, combined with advanced Norwegian technology and long industrial expertise, will lead to further progress between the two countries over the next few years, officials said at a meeting yesterday. ..

The Qatar-Norway Business Conference discussed measures available in both countries to enhance commercial and industrial cooperation and investment opportunities. The conference also focused on the business cooperation that exists between businessmen in both countries and the means of establishing associations to strengthen commerce and investment exchanges.

Regarding this event, Mohammed bin Twar al-Kwari, Vice-Chair of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce, discussed strengthening economic relations between Qatar and Norway and identifying investment opportunities in both countries.

In addition to investing in various economic sectors, Al Qwali pointed out the strong ties between the two countries, especially in the economic arena. “While both parties are enjoying a promising business environment for further economic cooperation, existing commerce is still lower than expected, recording about QR195m in 2021 and therefore promoting further commerce. More mutual effort is needed in the private sector to do this, “he said. He said.

In his speech, Al Qwali sees more development in the coming years, given the fascinating Qatar infrastructure, law, investment base, advanced Norwegian technology and long industrial expertise. He said he was confident that he would be able to.

He will increase investment in Qatar for Norwegian companies and establish efficient partnerships and relationships with Qatar companies in all sectors including industry, agriculture, tourism, food security, petrochemicals, engineering equipment and infrastructure. I called.

He also urged Qatar businessmen to identify business opportunities in Norway, strengthened the partnership between Qatar and Norway, and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce’s interest in encouraging Norwegian businessmen to invest in Qatar. Mentioned.

Epsen Teksum, Director-Middle East Innovation The head of the Norwegian and Norwegian delegations represented the Norwegian side.

He recalls 60 years of business relations between Qatar and Norway, including investments in the oil, gas and defense sectors, and has given Qatar’s businessmen and businesses the Norwegian counterparts in the energy, marine industry and food security sectors. Called to partner with.

Teksum said Innovation Norway is interested in supporting Norway’s business innovation, competitiveness and sustainability at home and abroad.

The meeting was attended by Abdullah Man Alan Sari, a board member of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce, and chairmen of businessmen and companies from both countries. In the presentation, Qatar Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Qatar) introduced Qatar’s business environment and facilities provided to investors. The conference also presented presentations by Norwegian companies represented by the delegation, services offered and key investment opportunities available.

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