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The pace of activity at the embassy has clearly accelerated in the last few months. The improved Covid-19 situation allows for travel again, with more Dutch delegations arriving from the Netherlands and more Indonesian delegations traveling to the Netherlands. Visa application processing has been delayed due to capacity issues in The Hague’s Consulate Support Office. If possible, our consular department is trying to accommodate Indonesian travelers doing urgent business in the Netherlands.

Erasmus House, the center of our culture, also benefits from the relaxation of health protocols. As part of its annual affair, movie lovers were able to watch an average of three movies a day for 12 days. This year, for the first time – Hybrid – participated in the European Screen Film Festival. The festival ends on June 26th, so seize the last chance to watch a movie that provides a window to learn what the EU means, despite all the differences between member states. The values ​​we share, the culture, the history, the future, and the way we see the rest of the world.

Some colleagues (ambassador, director of Erasmus Huis, financial manager) returned to the Netherlands to attend a direct meeting for the first time in two years, updating on the latest developments in their field of work and exchanging experiences with them. did. Peer.

In the economic arena, note that both Ministers Rufut and Baschi have visited the Netherlands and met with their respective Ministers of Harbors.Minister Rufut and Minister Harbors opened 4th A session of the Bilateral Maritime Forum discussed opportunities for ongoing and new cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia in the maritime sector. Ministers have signed a new memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the water sector. Trade missions exploring further possibilities for cooperation in the areas of agriculture, renewable energy (visiting Medan), life sciences and health (visiting Jakarta) have also kept us very busy.

Colleagues from various Dutch ministries came to Indonesia to attend the G20 meeting and I myself attended the first G20 Health Ministers’ meeting held in Yoga on June 20-21. Over the past week, I have experienced a sharp learning curve with issues related to global health architecture. In addition to attending the conference in Yoga, I have a World Fund in a campaign to mobilize the resources needed to help countries still facing major challenges in the fight against HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. We hosted an event to support.

The above is not a complete overview of everything that is happening at the embassy, ​​but I hope to give you an idea of ​​what we are dealing with. We hope that the increase in Covid-19 infections seen in the last few weeks will not stop the increase in this activity and human interaction that we all truly missed. And let’s do everything we can to prevent the spread of the infection.

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