Erling Haaland experienced part of Pep Guardiola’s management. He customized his tactics to suit the Manchester City bosses acquisition and ditched the use of the Forsnine, which propelled his side to back-to-back titles, bringing in the traditional centre-forward and the Norwegian in four games. I saw him score six goals.

Guardiola said his new striker was “born” to score goals, but speculates he can always improve.

But now he could see a different side to Guardiola, a sober, clinical decision maker who could deny being disappointed to explain why Pep was ousted from his side. It may not be Haaland’s destiny. City’s manager suggested his new recruit might be able to plow until the World Cup gives him a break. He’s recovering and I think he can play fairly regularly,” he said.

Similarly, a home game against the promoted opposition at Nottingham Forest will provide an opportunity to make substitutions ahead of tougher tests against Sevilla and Tottenham next week.

And if bad news comes to Haaland and he could win the Golden Boot, Guardiola may not be able to soften the blow. There, he kicks a top soccer player off his team and likewise leaves him in the dark.

“I won’t explain the reasons for my decision because I’m not going to convince them,” he said. but the other players don’t understand me, I know all of them very well and can tell you why, but I didn’t care about the other reasons…. don’t care.”

Perhaps it was a reference to the deceased Raheem Sterling, perhaps a warning to Harland, who made public his disappointment about dropping out. Indeed Guardiola admitted that his brutality could backfire if he sidelines inappropriate players. . “I make mistakes and I’m not perfect.”

But there are other options for resting Harland. The Norwegian was City’s most high-profile attacking player this summer, but he wasn’t the only one.

The transfer of Julian Alvarez from River Plate was agreed in January. Unlike Haaland, he was a rookie who scored with City’s bow, and the community found the net as a replacement for his shield. His Premier League debut was gradual at 57 minutes with three cameos, but when Haaland’s hat-trick made him the headline act, he scored two goals in Saturday’s comeback win over Crystal Palace. Contributed to the goal.

Guardiola sees him as a substitute for the number 9. “I’m almost certain.” It helps that the Argentinian has exceeded his manager’s expectations. Harland represented a larger known number than Alvarez.

Guardiola said: “I knew him a little bit from TV and clips, but I was blown away by how good he was. “He’s very humble, always positive and gives his best in every training session. I like players.”

If these tributes are reminiscent of Gabriel Jesus, whom Guardiola always admired, Alvarez can share his commitment to pressing his fellow South Americans.

“Julian is an extraordinary player,” said Guardiola. “From day one, he wanted to do well. He’s strong, fast, has an incredible sense of purpose, reads the game very well, and has room for improvement.”

Perhaps Alvarez has not been tested in the major European leagues, so the margin of improvement is greater. Haaland hails from Borussia Dortmund, who are on their way to the Premier League. He rarely has players coming directly from South America.

“When you get a player from another country, you don’t know how he will adapt,” said Guardiola. ” The teacher happily found a student. Due to the suspension of forward English, it means that lessons must be conducted in native Spanish. “The most important thing is that he is always there to help,” said Guardiola.

Playing at River Plate means Alvarez is no stranger to pressure, but will easily be intimidated by the Etihad’s star-studded cast.

New teammates help him settle in, but they present a formidable barrier to flank places. And when you have a desire and a desire to succeed, it will eventually come true.”

But if Alvarez can learn from Haaland, perhaps the Norwegian player could look at the team sheet and ask for advice, and Guardiola benched him without warning, so he could make another impressive signing. I was able to turn my attention.

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