Novak Djokovic maintained his lead in Wimbledon by defeating the frustrated Nick Kyrgios to win his fourth straight title and 21st Grand Slam crown.

The Serbs have now won seven of the last 11 titles at the All England Club, comparable to Pete Sampras’ tally, where Roger Federer’s men’s singles record and Rafael Nadal’s overall mark We are approaching one of both.

It was a tough season for Djokovic, but he was able to rely on the grass on the center court again to get the most out of him, and after securing 4-6 6-3 6-4 7, he raised his arm high. rice field. -6 (3) Victory.

Much of the excitement of the match focused on how Kyrgios performed and behaved in his first major singles final.

The 27-year-old was pure white in both respects of the set, but began to lose his composure as the scoreboard turned to Djokovic’s favor, constantly hitting his box and receiving an oath warning. ..

If Kyrgios often gives the impression that he doesn’t really care about tennis throughout his career, he can’t pretend to be in the Wimbledon final.

Having won the Australian Open doubles title and found the taste of Grand Slam Silverware, he was trying to respond to his statement that he had won the best tennis in the world on the biggest stage.

Since Roger Federer’s first Wimbledon title in 2003, Mark Filipsis, Andy Roddick, Tomáš Berdych, Marin Cilic, Kevin Anderson and Matteo Berdych all run short in the final, and only Andy Murray defeats three major hangings. Was done.

No player got on a roller coaster or got off the court like Kyrgios did in the last two weeks. Find out that he is facing the crime of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, which version of the flammable Australian comes out on the center court.

Since his explosive third round victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas, he has been generally well-behaved and kept it in the noble first set.

His first service game featured a 125 mph second serve ace and armpit serve, but most Kyrgios were amazed at the quality of his play and defeated Djokovic in the fifth game, the seventh. I clinched the set with Ace.

However, winning the set with Djokovic didn’t make much sense at Wimbledon this year. Topseed found metronomic rhythms both on his return and from the baseline, gradually defeating his opponents and doing what he was most good at.

He defeated Kyrgios’ serve for the first time in three meetings to lead 3-1 and the Australians began yelling at his stress in his support box.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess could have shifted a bit more uncomfortable with the luxurious Royal Box seats, and Prince George was listening.

Kyrgios occupies most of the crowd’s support, and when chasing a drop shot at 3-5, he whisked them with a fist jumping pump and helped create four breakpoints, but he Couldn’t take any of them.

Djokovic is now reading Kyrgios’ serve incredibly well, and the pressure on the challenger has always been high.

In the turbulent fifth game of the third set, Kyrgios scored points with a twiner, and after the spectators called out before the second serve, he received a code violation of the oath and became the referee Renault Liechtenstein. “It looks like there are about 700 women,” he begged. “Drink Bro” has been discharged.

He was doing very well to maintain his serve, but when Djokovic scored 5 consecutive points from 40-0 and left the serve on the set, Dam broke in the ninth game.

Kyrgios shouted at the box and then frustratedly slammed his water bottle.

Djokovic’s long bathroom break allowed Kyrgios to cool the fire and maintain his serve throughout the fourth set, but a one-sided tiebreaker proved his end of hope.

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