Wimbledon once again belonged to Novak Djokovic, but realized that the seven-time champion relied on political intervention to continue this season.

Djokovic defeated Nick Kyrgios in four sets to win the All England Club for the fourth time in a row, returning to one of Rafael Nadal with a total of 21 slams.

However, it is not yet clear where Djokovic will play next. After a modest week of a few weeks, where most players get a chance to break, the tour will start again in North America at the end of July, and a hardcourt swing will be built for the US Open from August 29th.

However, both the United States and Canada require travelers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. In short, Djokovic, who repeatedly made it clear that he would not be vaccinated, faces another major hole in his schedule.

“The last few months have been very exhausting and tough for me, whether or not I play the tournament right away, so I’ll definitely rest for the next few weeks,” he said. .. “I was very happy with a lot of tennis. I got what I wanted here.

“Then I’m looking forward to the good news from America, because I want to go to America. If that doesn’t happen, I need to see what the schedule looks like.”

The removal of ranking points from Wimbledon over the ban on Russian and Belarus players means that Djokovic has dropped from 3 to 7 and Kyrgios has dropped from 40 to 45.

Djokovic isn’t overly worried about his position in the rankings and may not play again until the tour returns to Europe in the fall. His position at the ATP Tour Finals is virtually guaranteed by his victory at Wimbledon.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ll go and chase the points,” he said. “I don’t really feel the pressure or need to play on a specific schedule.

“I’ve achieved that historic week with the number one work I’ve ever done. Now I really prioritize slums and big tournaments, where I want to play and where I feel good.

“It could be the Laver Cup (held in London in September). The Davis Cup will also be held. I love playing for my country. I’m trying to be part of it. I am. “

Djokovic talked about the emotional sacrifice of deportation from Australia in January after the victory. A three-year ban on returning to a country automatically imposed in such a scenario means that you may not be able to play another Grand Slam until the French Open next spring.

The Serbian team has lived it all with him, and coach Goran Ivanisevic said: “It’s very emotional, especially for him and for us close to him, this year is tough. It was a year.

“This was a big thing that happened to him. We all expected him a few weeks later.” OK, forget about Australia and go back and practice. ” It’s not happening like this. It took a long time.

“For some people they never recover. They never play tennis. This was a big shock. It was a shock to me, and I was there. I was free. He Imagine.

Goran Ivanisevic praised Novak Djokovic as “heroic” (Bob Martin / AELTC Pool)

“It’s incredible how he recovered and how he got over it. It’s really heroic to me because it wasn’t easy to digest everything and get back to tennis.”

Kyrgios won the slam singles trophy for the first time, and there were high expectations for the final match, but Djokovic recovered from losing the first set and calmly used the moment of weakness of the opponent. And handled this opportunity very well.

Ivanisevic said: “I’m not ready for a match with Nick Kyrgios. Nick Kyrgios is a genius, a tennis genius. He doesn’t know what to do next at that point.

“We focused on what Novak had to do and what he had to be careful of. For me he was by far the best in the game when someone was servicing like Nick Kyrgios. The best server. Incredible tennis player.

“But he also knew at this stage that if Nick started talking, he would be defenseless. When Nick was 40-0, 4-4, that happened in the third set. Suddenly Novak broke him, and he was talking to his box. Not too many, so we need to seize the opportunity. “

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