Singapore: The Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) said on Saturday (July 9) that state soldiers (NSmen) are free to decide how to spend S $ 100 NS55 digital credits.

After the TikTok video was talked about earlier this week, the ministry responded to CNA’s question by showing how to use the PayNow option to redeem credits on Sheng Siong’s simple automated teller machines.

Digital Credit is part of the NS55 Recognition Package, which commemorates 55 years of national service and aims to thank the past and present NSmen for their contributions to Singapore’s defense and security. ..

They will be paid to eligible NSmen throughout July.

NS55 credits are recognized by merchants accepting PayNow UENKR or NETSQR, such as supermarkets, retail stores, F & B outlets, hawkers, and online merchants, a MINDEF spokeswoman said Saturday.

“This arrangement provides national service with flexibility and potential additional benefits in using NS55 credits and also supports our business.

“National servicers are free to decide how they want to use their credits. Those who plan to monetize them to merchants with such features will have an additional charge. You may want to consider if you could bear the burden. ”

For example, Sheng Siong’s simple automated teller machine charges a service fee of S $ 0.20 per PayNow transaction.

A MINDEF spokeswoman said on Saturday that NS55 digital credits could allow some merchants to offer additional discounts.

NSmen can also choose to use credits to pay for government and educational institutions, or donate credits to charities online. However, only if these organizations accept payments via PayNow UENKR or NETSQR.

Unlike other NS credits previously offered, NS55 digital credits cannot be withdrawn from SoCash.

Instead, NSmen needs to access the LifeSG mobile app to redeem digital credits.

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