Singapore-Professor Subra Thresh, 66, will resign as president at the end of December after taking control of Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The NTU said in a statement on Monday (6 June) that an investigative commission would be set up to identify successors.

In an email message to students and staff on the same day, Professor Suresh said: Extension of time, even for important family life events.

“With the long-awaited recent news that my first grandson arrived later this year and the strong desire to be geographically close as a family, my wife Mary and I will return to the United States sooner than originally expected. Now. “”

Professor Suresh is the fourth NTU President since its founding in 1991 and the first holder of the Distinguished University Professorship, the highest undergraduate rank in the university.

He was previously President of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States from 2013 to 2017. Prior to that, a leading US scientist served on the board of the National Science Foundation and was nominated by former US President Barack Obama. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering.

In a message to the NTU community, Professor Suresh said: Take great pride.

“We will know that NTU is a world leader who holds a legitimate position among the world’s top universities. Together, we have strengthened the foundation of NTU that successors can build. . “

Thanks to Professor Suresh for his contributions, Goh Swee Chen, Chair of the NTU Board of Directors, said:

“Under his leadership, Subra and his team have introduced curriculum innovation and digital technology to provide students with the highest quality education. NTU has made progress over the last 30 years and Subra’s higher education. The vision for education continues this momentum. “

During the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020, Professor Suresh and his wife to seed the NTU Priority Fund, which is currently growing to $ 8.9 million, to help students with urgent financial needs. Gave a personal gift of $ 100,000.

Since January 2018, Professor Suresh has been presenting the NTU Sustainability Manifest and Sustainability from university-wide discussions and development of the NTU 2025 Strategic Plan, which marks the next stage of growth. He oversaw many important initiatives until sexual establishment. Linked bonds that raised $ 650 million.

In addition to raising NTU’s academic recognition internationally, Professor Suresh is also active in research, with several papers with NTU researchers and local and global collaborators in leading international journals. Announced in.

His work has also led to many NTU patent applications and NTU-related technology startups. He has been awarded 19 honorary doctorates, seven of which were awarded to him during his tenure as NTU President.

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