The number of newly identified COVID-19 cases reached 71 on Friday, and health officials announced today (Saturday), bringing the total number since the outbreak to 1,374.

Of the 71 new cases, 45 were detected in the Code Red Zone and medical observation hotels found during the management and management phase. 14 cases were due to close contact, 7 cases were found in large tests and in the major group, and 5 cases were confirmed in other groups found in the community.

A total of 88 new positive cases were reported on Thursday.

The third round of this week’s high-volume nucleic acid test will end today (Saturday) at 6 pm.

In the meantime, everyone will have to take four more NAT rounds between July 10th and 17th. 63 nucleic acid testing stations will be offered again, with 42 general stations, 2 mobile sampling vehicles, 7 priority care stations and 12 self-funded stations.

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