The Department of Social Welfare (IAS) will attempt to introduce a shift-open circuit system for employees of 36 elderly homes funded by the ministry.

The 36 subsidized home-based employees have been operating under a “closed circuit” system since the recent outbreak of the community, and IAS eases the work burden and salaries of approximately 1,800 employees. We aim to grant these employees, allowances, and / or additional leave. People who work in “closed circuits” as a way to “encourage them and express their gratitude.”

“IAS is in close contact with housing and its management entities, and the majority of employees understand the need and importance of implementing’closed circuit’management to protect older users and employees. I found out that I was doing it. IAS has been added.

“The management entity then raises and places great concern and importance to the employee’s work, rest, and living conditions, which enables the employee to provide support within their abilities and conditions. , “You will have the opportunity to retire. Circuit” and take a break. “

For open circuit shift systems, IAS and public housing, as well as their respective management bodies, will carry out the details of the work and ensure that the plan is carried out immediately.

“According to epidemic prevention requirements, after breaks and before returning home, employees must be quarantined for 7 days in a“ closed circuit ”employee’s quarantine facility after a shift break, with an additional daily nucleic acid test. The department pointed out.

“Currently, given the epidemic prevention and management situation, service requirements, and personal needs, the home is assessing the specific number of employees who can rest on shifts at home. It depends on the situation of human resources at each institution. ”

According to the data collected so far, about 20% of both nursing homes and rehabilitation homes that have been funded can enjoy the open circuit system and work in shifts.

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