Residents of D’Albert’s nursing home in the northern Icelandic village of D’Albert have recently moved, thanks to the “Cycling at Any Age” program, which provides residents with pedicub services and outings. RÚV reports that Dalbær is one of the nursing homes currently participating in the program. The program is sponsored by Hjólfærni, a local branch of the movement of the same name, initiated by John Franklin of the United Kingdom, or an organization called “Cyclecraft”.

Arnar Símonarson is one of the bike buddies who regularly provides pedicub services to the elderly. “I sometimes come here in Dalbar. If I have the time and the opportunity, I have a dead end and am riding this hot rod called the Cool Cab.”

Arnar says that as with destinations, the number of vehicles offered each time is different. “People want to go to banks and shops. We go to Oris. [a petrol station] When I get ice cream, I sometimes go to the coffee house and the residents have beer or something. And sometimes we go to the graveyard. “

Arnar believes that Dalvík-operated pedicabs need to be installed in all nursing homes in the country. “It’s great to go out with the inhabitants and see their smiles and cheeks slightly colored.” He said he was among the inhabitants because the pedicab became a daily feature of their daily lives. He says he saw a real change. “We can see happiness and vitality, and people will be a little refreshed and come back,” says Arnar.

Residents of Dalbær agree. Kristján Loftur Jónsson is one of Arnar’s patrons, who likes to enjoy the fresh air and likes coffee houses and corner stores to buy ice cream on sunny days.

Arnar concludes that there is no reason to be afraid to grow older if he can maintain his involvement with the world. “Getting older doesn’t mean you have to disappear from life. Life is there,” he said. “We need to go out and grab it.”

The Post Nursing Home Pedi Cub Program Wheely Great Success first appeared in the Icelandic Review.

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