Singapore-OCBC Bank apologized for “technical issues” affecting online payment services on Thursday afternoon (June 9th).

When contacted, an OCBC spokesman said the turmoil was between 3:19 pm and 5:45 pm on Thursday. She added: “All transactions that were not successfully processed, including the deposit of funds into the affected account, have been corrected.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The bank didn’t reveal the number of affected customers, but hundreds of Facebook users responded to posts on social media platforms and provided updates on the situation.

Saeed Khan, 58, was one of the people affected by the turmoil. He told The Straits Times that he faced a problem when he made payments using the bank’s PayNow service on Thursday afternoon.

The insurance company’s regional manager for cargo underwriting said:

“I called the bank and said it was under investigation. I was only able to get a refund around 7 pm on Friday. It was frustrating and anxious not to be informed about the problem,” he added. I did.

Anna Lee, 28, who normally uses PayNow to transfer money from an OCBC account to another bank’s account, failed to send money after trying five times on Thursday afternoon.

A freelancer in the arts industry said: “Every time I tried, I was told that the transaction failed and I got a request timeout page.

“When I checked the transaction history, all five transactions were completed, but I didn’t receive anything in the other accounts.

“My money is now back in my OCBC account, but I was frustrated because it could have sent a message warning the user about a technical problem,” she added.

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