(CNS): The Office of Public Utility Regulation and Competition (OfReg) has established a Consumer Council to advise on utility-related issues that have a significant impact on consumers and is interested in serving in this new agency. We are looking for a Caymanian with suitable qualifications. It will consist of six members, one from each district in all three Cayman Islands. These members speak on behalf of all consumers by identifying issues affecting consumers, collecting and reviewing statistics, and reporting to OfReg CEO Peter Gough.

The Consumer Council makes recommendations and provides advice to OfReg to help regulators effectively meet their legal obligations to protect consumers in the utility sector. They are also empowered to assist consumers with complaints filed with OfReg.

“OfReg has a legal obligation to represent and protect consumer rights in the public utility sector,” said Gough. “The creation of the new Consumer Council is a key component of doing that effectively. and provide an opportunity to propose solutions to the issues that are affecting them.” He said it would help him become a target.

Since its founding in 2017, OfReg has received considerable criticism for consumer protection and has been accused of being too close to a regulated business. 2020 evaluation A regulator’s report by the Office of the Comptroller General found that it did not offer value for money to the public and failed to achieve its basic objective of consumer protection. The OAG found that most of its regulatory decisions did not improve consumer protection.

Two years later, OfReg claims it is looking to improve consumer protection, public consultation, no hard evidence has emerged that consumers are being helped by regulators. The creation of a council where consumers are directly represented could be a turning point.

Applications from Caymanians interested in joining the Consumer Council are now being accepted. Once appointed, the Consumer Council works with her OfReg senior management team to determine the actual operations and meeting schedules. Successful candidates will serve a one-year term and be eligible for reappointment.

Must be 18 years of age or older, willing to contribute to the community and demonstrate knowledge and experience relevant to at least some of the office’s functions. It is advantageous for the applicant to have experience in traditional and digital communication regarding her campaigns in education and outreach, as well as a history of community service through an organized service club or agency.

For application details and details, please visit: Click here for Offleg’s website
or email Daniel.lee@ofreg.ky

The application deadline is Friday, September 23rd.

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