What should a girl do if she wants a Sotong head and doesn’t have a Sotong head?

She can compose a song about it and publish it online.

And what does Old Chung Kee do when a customer starts singing a song asking for squid sticks?

They can send her some.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Except for Sotong, of course.

Netizens are fascinated by TikTok user Emmarae’s exuberant love of snacks.

“I looked through the glass and the thing I wanted was gone,” she crouched and strummed her ukulele. “Soton’s head, where is it?”

Cute Love has no videos online, at least for fried cephalopods.

The 50 second song was posted on Thursday (September 8th) and has been played about 8,000 times in two days.


I HEART OLD CHANG KEE PLS I wrote this last night at 12 am 😭😭

♬ Original song – Emma 🧌

She said the message was addressed only to Grandpa Chang Kee and that it reached them within hours.

In an update posted the same day, she said they were sending her beloved – the entire box.

@emmuhraeee #stitch with @emmarae🧌 ♬ original sound – emmarae🧌

A first grade student at Temasek Polytechnic said he was in extracurricular training when he received the message.

Quoting a 17-year-old girl whose full name is Emalae Savigan, Asia One said, “I started screaming.

It’s even possible that Orchard Road will soon be chanted “Sotong Song, Sotong Song”.

That’s because Emmarae had just acquired her busking license and was due to perform more of her originals and covers on Sunday opposite the Ion Orchard.

Emarae, let them eat from your hand.

Or head to the nearest Old Chunky.

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