Singapore-Most townspeople can expect new benches, safety railings and plant holders made from parts of old MRT trains installed in the neighborhood.

The project aims to upcycle at least 1,500 MRT seats to void decks and other communal benches. We will also use 1,400 handrails that will be reused as safety handrails for low-movement residents.

Approximately 900 intercom panels and LED light covers on the train will also be converted into plant holders for use in local green spaces.

The party said Sunday that all 15 town councils of the People’s Action Party (PAP) are working on upcycling to reuse parts from old MRT trains to reduce waste and add to the local environment. It was announced on (July 17th).

By 2025, about 14,400 kg of reinforced plastics, metals and other difficult-to-recycle materials from old trains will be upcycled instead of being dumped in landfills, according to PAP.

According to PAP, this initiative will officially launch on Sunday (July 17th) at an exhibition at Woodlands Drive 50, helping the city council save about $ 275,000 in amenity costs.

“This project aims to reduce about 14,400 kg of waste on Semakau Island and extend its lifespan,” said Hany Soh (Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC), Vice President of the Project.

Semakau Island is Singapore’s only landfill and will be fully reclaimed by 2035.

Mr. Thor said the MRT train is a central pillar of Singapore’s identity and residents feel a sense of familiarity when looking at the recycled material.

These upcycling ideas were taken from community surveys and public consultation feedback when asked for suggestions on how to reuse old train parts.

Soh told The Straits Times that more forms of upcycling amenities could be rolled out in the future.

She states: “Depending on each city council, consider how feasible and appropriate these proposals are and how they can be used.”

“For marsiling utilities, we’re targeting most of the older studio apartments. People with mobility problems can use the benches installed while waiting for an elevator or car.”

The launch event at the Woodlands Multipurpose Pavilion was attended by more than 50 residents, volunteers, media and other guests.

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