San Francisco: First, Elon Musk revolutionized the automobile industry, then he tackled space travel. The eccentric billionaire now wields immeasurable influence by taking control of Twitter. By using his fortune to gain such an important platform, experts say he joined head-on in today’s global political conversation. “He not only has an opinion on the means of communication, he now owns them and sets policies on how they are used,” said Jeffrey Winters, the homeowner, to AFP. said.

The question now is what he will do with that power, and we’ll start with the topic that comes to everyone’s mind. That is whether Musk will allow former US President Donald Trump to return to the site.

Without someone to answer, Mr. Musk is “changing the constellation of political voices expressed through Twitter,” Winters said. According to the professor, Musk is the archetypal oligarch, someone who grants them social and political powers unavailable to the average citizen, but Musk is the leader of governments and armed forces under his control. I don’t have


In the business world, Mr. Musk’s good intentions as an innovator are well-established. DataTrek Research co-founder Nicholas Colas said: Musk didn’t invent the electric car, but with Tesla, “he showed that it’s possible in a very scalable way,” he explained Colas.

At SpaceX, Musk introduced Internet satellites and reusable rockets. These technologies were “promised but not delivered until he came along,” he added Colas. To Chorus, Musk can in some ways be compared to as many inventors as Thomas Edison or the iconic Apple founder Steve Jobs.He at least knows how to make money. It has proven that Tesla is the most valuable auto company on the stock market and SpaceX is worth over $125 billion.

So when the richest man in the world, like Oracle, gives his two cents on business matters, such as opinions on companies and cryptocurrencies, his fans listen. He can shake the market with just a few words. In 2021, cryptocurrency prices briefly rose by 20% when Musk edited his Twitter bio to read just “#bitcoin.”

He could have stuck to his role as a businessman and kept a low profile. Most rich people do so for fear of a hostile reaction to their wealth, says Winters. They hire lawyers and lobbyists to carefully defend their interests and sometimes fund political campaigns. But “Elon Musk is very wealthy and unafraid to stand out very much,” said Winters.

red line?

Mark Huss, Communications and Marketing Specialist at Arizona State University, said: “After that, he was willing to continually speak out on social media about issues that other CEOs would not engage as publicly as he did,” he added. I’m not afraid to say what I think, even if it insults me or offends any regulator,” Hass said.

When Musk posted on Twitter to propose a peace deal between Kyiv and Moscow, Winters said he probably considered himself “just stating his opinion like everyone else.” “Your opinion has a huge ripple effect when it comes to controlling satellites, which are important to Ukrainians’ ability to communicate,” he explained. But in Washington, Musk’s influence remains small compared to other financial moguls who “control the banking system,” such as JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon and Goldman Sachs’ David Solomon, Coras said. Stated. Acquiring Twitter (largely with his own money, but also with significant backing from investors who expect a return commensurate with the risk) has given Musk a huge potential liability.

“He can’t just flip a switch and create anarchy[on Twitter]because all the big advertisers are going away,” Colas warned. “He likes to push things to the limit,” says Hass. And so far, “he has never self-destructed.” But with control over Twitter, Musk has a more direct line to the public than ever before, adding, “I don’t know where his red line is.” – AFP

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