After the incident at about 4:15 am today, a man was taken to the hospital “due to multiple head and face injuries.” [June 18] In the parking lot of the arboretum.

One spokesperson said:

“If you receive any of these videos, please delete them and do not transfer them.

“The incident occurred in an arboretum parking lot where several young people gathered after attending an event in Pembroke around 4:15 am on Saturday, June 18, 2022.

“Many people have witnessed a man being taken to a hospital for multiple head and face injuries, but no one has decided to provide information to police officers who responded to Fraka’s report. I didn’t mind.

“Investigation of this situation is currently underway and police are calling on anyone who knows what happened. Call police main number 295-0011, secret crime stopper number 800-. Please contact us. 8477 or talk to an officer you know.


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