Choose your favorite at Kosciuszko or Tiger Lore on the $ 150,000 Group 2 Steward Cup this afternoon.

The 1,600m feature is contested by 12 4-year-olds, but the duo stands out in its shape and class. They are two top rated candidates with a rating of 101 and 83.

Those heading for the better, they should fight for the highest award.

The next highest galloper, the Red Ocean, has only 77 points, so it’s just below Class 2 and above Class 3.

The lowest rated Happy Wonderful has only 52 points (Class 4). Had he had a higher quality horse, he would not have been qualified.

As a fictitious example, Happy Wonderful weighs 1 point to 1/2 kg on a handicap base and carries only 32.5 kg compared to 57 kg for Lim’s Kosciuszko.

Even the second tallest Tiger Lwa will carry only 48kg, 18 points lower.

Therefore, purely in the evaluation, Kosciuszko of the rim stands out like a snow soot in this set weight case where all runners carry 57 kg.

He is a better class than any other class. Therefore, he is trained by Daniel Meeger and the winner is the eight-game winning streak hero owned by Lim’s stables.

In addition to the benefits of great appreciation, Kosciuszko on the rim also has a bright and fast pace. He makes his first run on behalf of the famous reversal galloper Tiger Lore.

He was able to steal a great breakaway and make it difficult for Tiger Lore to catch up.

In certain quarters, Kosciuszko of Lim may claim to have flopped on his last start as a $ 13 favorite on his Steward Cup trip last month.

But remember that he had a big gun in the $ 1 million Kranji Mile for International Group 3 and Domestic Group 1.

Look at his timing, not where he ended up. He returned to 10th place, but he recorded a great 1’33.94 seconds.

The Australian breed is currently meeting horses of his own age group and his class should dominate.

Tiger Roar, owned by Falcon Racing No. 7 Stable, trained by Michael Clements, also has classes everywhere.

He was the champion of last season at the age of three and won over 1,200m in the Group 3 Singapore 3-year-old sprint and was only second in the Singapore 3-year-old classic at over 1,400m.

He may have earned more rating points, but his campaign was interrupted by his lower knee joint surgery.

He came back and won the first up over 1200m. The concern is that he is facing a second syndrome that is over 400 meters further.

But this setback should not prevent a good horse. Watch him attack Rim’s Kosciuszko at the finish.

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