In Switzerland, you can order products online without prepayment. The retailer submits the order using the payment slip included with the item. Fraudsters are abusing this habit of Swiss postal retailers.

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Fraudsters impersonate others and order goods online. The item will then be shipped without the need to provide payment details. The scammer then waits for the order to be delivered and receives the order from the unsuspecting victim’s mailbox. Ultimately, the victim receives a payment reminder for what appears to have never been ordered and never arrived.

According to an RTS survey, French-speaking Switzerland received about 1,000 complaints related to this practice last year.

Post-delivery payments are very popular in Switzerland. Some of the largest online retailers in Switzerland charge one-third to one-half of their customers this way.

People who commit this type of fraud often live near victims, given the need to pay attention to the delivery of parcels. Normally, not all orders are intercepted by fraudsters. Some people tend to eventually slip through and leave the victim to the task of returning items that they have never ordered.

Victims do not have to pay for fraudulently purchased items. But they have to experience the administrative pain of arranging the turmoil it creates.

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