Alþingi has not yet voted whether Iceland’s private retailers will be allowed to sell alcohol online, but RÚV will enter this lucrative market before online sales are legalized. It reports that the business is already booming for sellers who are willing to take the risk of doing so.

From July 1st, the craft brewery will be able to sell alcohol on the premises. Alþingi voted in favor of this change on Wednesday. However, the bill that allowed private retailers to sell alcohol online was not voted before the end of the parliamentary session. But this didn’t stop Elías Blöndal Guðjónsson, co-owner of online alcohol retailer Santewines SAS, from cashing out this holiday weekend. And like a few fellow sellers who are willing to take risks before online sales are legalized, not just this weekend, Santewines has been selling alcohol online for over a year, and sales are constantly increasing. doing.

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June 17th Because it’s Iceland’s National Foundation Day, people usually line up at Vimbs locations across the country to stock up on weekend vibes, but on Fridays when all state-owned liquor store locations are closed. I couldn’t do something like that. Many of these prospects instead visited the Elias website.

Elias said he wasn’t worried about the closure of his business, even though online alcohol sales haven’t been legalized yet. “We have all the ducks in a row and everything is in place. We have an online shop and a French company dealing with legitimate products, and we are more than Amazon or eBay. I’m not afraid, “he said.

“In reality, I don’t think many people have it for their business,” Elias concludes. “Maybe ÁTVR [the State Alcohol and Tobacco Company, which runs Iceland’s Vínbúð stores]And maybe a member of the Progressive Party. […] The other day the police were actually here, but they were just taking orders. “

Online sales are not legal, but the business boom post of online alcohol retailers first appeared in the Island Review.

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