Last week, a local man was scammed out of HK$71,000 in an online ‘clickfarm scam’. This is the latest in a string of scams in Macau.

Law Enforcement Police (PJ) spokeswoman Lei Hong Nei said the man saw the job ad on a social dating app in late July and contacted the advertiser.

The ‘customer service’ then tells them to click on a given link to open an account on their website, where the scammers charge up to 30% ‘commission’ for certain purchases. He added that he promised he could. For Website Customers.

Lei said the man fell for the offer and transferred HK$71,000 to a Hong Kong bank account provided by the website, after which he began “purchasing goods.” After making 6 purchases, “customer service” asked him to “cancel the previous action” in order to get additional “tasks”.

After the man followed the instructions, “customer service” claimed that his actions were “mistakes” and “upset the customer,” and Mr. Ray said “customer service” would “make things right.” It added that it had asked to pay HK$16,500 for “.”

The victim eventually realized he had been scammed and provided police with details of the HK$71,000 loss, Macau Post Daily reported.

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