Attendees of the upcoming Wexford Opera Festival looking for love may want to know that an online speed dating event is taking place this week, American speed dating website Filteroff.

The event will take place on Friday 14th October at 8pm Irish time and will give opera fans a chance to meet like-minded bachelors.

The Wexford Opera Festival starts on Friday 21st October and runs through Sunday 6th November.

Filteroff founder Zach Schleien explained that this would give like-minded people the chance to meet face-to-face in Wexford.

Schleien told This is great. An efficient way to bring your online experience to your offline experience. “

Video speed dating apps include 5 minutes of speed dating, after which you can say if you like the other person and if you would like to talk more.

Finally, the match is revealed and people get the chance to send direct messages or start another video call in no time.

This is the first Irish Filteroff event, although it has been successful in the UK and the US for quite some time.

Events are usually based around different festivals and themes, from Stranger Things to Stars Wars, which makes it easy to meet other people with similar interests.

Filteroff co-founders Brian Weinreich and Zach Schleien.

Free download from play store for both Android and iOS.

Mr Schleien said:

“There are 10 dates in a row, so 8pm, 8:05pm, 8:10pm, etc. At the end of each date, you will be asked if you like it and at the end you will see the match. You can message anyone or go back to video calling.

He added: “Single people often want to date based on their interests and likes.

“It’s the beauty and it takes away the awkwardness. Others will know we’re into opera. We’re pretty niche around the themes we post.”

Factors such as age and gender preferences are also taken into account.

Schleien feels Filteroff offers a more natural and less “transactional” dating experience than popular “swipe” apps like Tinder and Bumble.

“Our app is a little bit different in that we want people to meet and leave the app. Filteroff is very much a community, you’re talking too, it’s a different way to date online.

“It’s a healthier dating experience. I don’t want you to spend all your time swiping through hundreds of people and feeling almost addicted. With Filteroff, you get the constants that seem right for you.” There are a number of people, proceed to the video.Not only based on human pictures, but also chat and talk with humans.

“I get a lot of emails about marriages and sending pictures, and successful people often delete the app, and that’s okay!”

If the Wexford Opera Festival event is a success, Schleyen hopes to hold it annually alongside other Irish festival-aligned events.

This event is not affiliated with the Wexford Opera House.

You can find out more here (or sign up if you’re single).

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