Older Chinese are probably my favorite people in the world. They have this talent to perfectly blend politeness and carefree spirit with the enviable disregard of the opinions of others.

This allows for the most incredible public exhibits, such as hanging a collection of birds on public trees, playing the now infamous “Mankinis”, and cutting the soles of your feet in the bus. May lead to.

When we were walking around either the end of the world or another case of collective hysteria, I couldn’t help it. hutzpa Percentage of some elderly Chinese residents when faced with a recent pandemic-restricted iron ball.

Elderly Chinese are forced to learn how to use 5th generation smartphones to comply with the health laws of all individuals, forbidden to enter their favorite parks and yams, and left and right by people. It was difficult to get vaccinated. ..

Just two days after the emergency precautions were announced, city workers rushed to seal a nearby public bench near my office in Areia Preta with police tape.

Of course, this was very important. In particular, a gathering of normal one or two elderly Chinese men playing cards occurred, and a single clean sweep destroyed pandemic prevention efforts.

I was always worried that an elderly Chinese gentleman I saw on a particular bench was wearing his wife’s beater and smoking like a tic tac. Where does he sit every day and observe the daily refluff?

I was immediately relieved after making sure he brought his heavy wooden furniture from the house and strategically placed it next to a now sealed public bench.

That’s another thing about old Chinese, they have a very flexible approach to local government regulation.

According to the city, can residents not use public exercise machines? They use them to dry their bedspreads. Has a flashy new pedestrian bridge been built? They will endanger their lives crossing the street to save because it is faster.

Older Chinese usually do things more practical and wise to them and can’t stand nonsense regulations.

So this week I saw a 70-year-old resident doubled his side from a public bus after being dragged out by three police officers after insisting on taking the usual route when he wasn’t in green health. When I was, I couldn’t help feeling sad code. Was this really necessary?

I’m not urging public disobedience, I’m just saying that I understand that feeling. Older people are just as frustrated as others about not being able to lead a normal life so far. They sometimes have less patience to deal with it than others.

After all, they are technically the most dangerous age group in the case of Covid-19 infection, so if they don’t care, should we really force them to stay home?

If I had experienced half of what they had for most of their lives, maybe I could hardly put up with nonsense either.

[MNA Editor-in-Chief]

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