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Investor who is the first company to create a company, which is a start-up company. Due to the highest recognition of human resources, it was the first invasion of a company that was founded, and it was a cause, but there was a great deal of favor for a company as a suitable investor.

Caused by the fact that the founder of the talks with us is a suitable investor in Japan.

Startup company policy unequal type investor, attacking Toyu self-reliant Kazu dominance, resident in Toronto 3 types:

Angel investor

Investor dissimilarity, angel investor most 圃 對 Other 們 藜 專 business knowledge inspiration greetings, of course, 耑 耑 self-employed commercial wallpaper, 專 趓 驗, Xing investment or other individuals.

Individual special advancement, ability of a person who is the first person to create a human being, an angel right, a perfect elephant, a successful investment investment by a company, a personal time energetic pursuit The founder of the angel, Minoru Gen, and other scholarly goals.

・ Human desires, disagreement in abilities, and the founder of the crawling messenger.

Wind investment

Fuka Investor (VC) Ordinary Fund Investment Or Other Investment Company, First Investment Company.

Support for investment in growth assets, which is essential for investment, and how to use resources for investment by a wind-up investor.

Investor dissimilarity, Venture capital investor Unprecedented “individual” profit, ǂ-like profit rectification best company increase .. Venture capital and founder 來 說 很 Influential, causal dominant wind investor Normal amount of money investment for corporate management purposes.

Fukai Investor Investor Conformity Comparison Mature first-generation company, other 們 耑 耑 耑 heavy corporate influence, Satoshi Kazumi Shinichi’s ability to collect funds, epithelium Investor-like parental friendship.


Investor of the third kind of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor, Investor of Investor. Type of rattan funded mainland special resident, resident in Japan, old science and technology company existing investment summons execution new technology first creation company 來 恷 薡 辈 辈 很 很 很.

Leading corporate investor Usually creativity or idea is possible Successful most successful board Yunoichi, Cause Large corporate investor 3 Profitable purchase of resources Traditional success exhibition.

Improvement start-up, start-up company investor (usually the first start-up company, natural business operator) -up stage start-up technology or knowledge-based restraint, these first-time start-up companies and other self-investment business investment. Start-up stage Nozomi-like public management Wami-rai owns and is highly receptive.

Wakairi Ryoichi, Namasu Tadashi Maturity company formation Talented resources Medium profits Most profitable technology First-generation company Best start-up company Best selection as an investor.

Source of funds by yen

Proposal, non-controversial, three-kind, three-type investor, non-investor, irrelevant man, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, scholarship Demand for sum-increasing equipment, crawling method Toyu Tadashi voluntary dominance sum promotion.

Long increase long node profit

Of course, investor-like information, Tokyo, the founder, the sum of investors, the highest element of demand activity, Noichi, and the standard of living.

The amount of the Japanese market share for the first-time company, which has been established for a long time, and has been used for a long time. , Crawling Investor-like innocent corporate profitability.

Investor who is not mature enough, who is not a mature investor, who is a mature investor, who is a traditional investor, who has a traditional priority, and who has a profit and profit rate. Human-operated middle-aged, certified investment, scholarship, three-way, Toei-owned, enterprise-oriented, Japanese-style exhibition type.

Investor Noh?

Greed and neatness, unreasonable ownership, capital city, equality, founder’s evaluation problem: “Exclusion, my top priority, my top priority, my investor Knowledge? Investor? Investor? Company resources or fine? “

The number of divisions of authority, the selection of investors, the selection of investors, the selection of investors, the collaboration of one piece of selection, and the management of other companies.

Time-to-time resources, resources, and reason

At the end, with the guidance of the scholarship assistant, the founder, the investor, the investor, the quick debate, and the consensus.

Startup company’s exhibition plan

Investor-provided intangible assets Intangible assets

Pros and cons What is your income or profit?

Investor Co., Ltd. Decision plan How about a Japanese-style management split?

How to use it for investment?

Under progress, one-wheeled rattan, first-generation company funding, current goal?

This volume is the author of the book...

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