Yesterday, SAR held its annual celebration and the 2021 census was announced, revealing some interesting facts about the Macau community.

According to the survey, as of 2021, about 8,991 Portuguese nationals lived in the SAR and 13,021 registered to have Portuguese ancestry, which is 1.9% of the total population of 682,070. To do.

However, the Portuguese-born population accounts for 0.3% of Macau’s total population, and the latest estimates by the Portuguese Consulate show that 170,000 Portuguese passports are held between Macau and Hong Kong residents. I did.

Chinese legal system does not allow dual citizenship, but due to its historical circumstances, many locals of Chinese nationality can keep their Portuguese passports as travel documents.

The overall population of Portuguese nationals has increased in the 10 years since the last census was conducted in 2011, but according to Lusa, more than 1,600 people with Portuguese passports have left the area in the last two years. , Same period.

Of course, this downward trend could change when the city began to allow the entry of exceptionally non-resident Portuguese citizens.

City officials have long increased their position as a platform and bridge between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, promoting their role in bilingual talent and business mediation training between the two blocks.

Still, with the exception of regular events hosted by the Portuguese Consulate, there weren’t many celebrations on June 10 by the authorities, similar to what was witnessed on World Portuguese Day on May 5.

It was less organized by the government with respect to initiatives or events, except for initiatives from private organizations such as the Institute of Languages, universities with Portuguese degrees, or associations linked to Portuguese.

It’s true that the pandemic still limits some of the city’s event capacity, but basically as an excuse not to keep holding meaningful events in the SAR, how long has the Covid-19 been used? Do you?

The pandemic also had a major impact on the exchange of regular students between the city and Portugal. Many language students usually choose to retain some of their research in the country and stay in the SAR.

Due to the heavy restrictions on the pandemic movement, many qualified Portuguese teachers have also left the city at the expense of complete separation from their families and from the world for almost two years.

The 500-year connection between China and Portugal via Macau is one of the unique and valuable elements that Macau must provide to the country. Therefore, in order for SAR to be important for China-Russia relations, further efforts to maintain its vitality are essential.

Preserving the heritage is not just about arranging Barcelos rooster decorations and hosting Portuguese Folklore Dance concerts for tourists. It requires constant effort and resources.

Otherwise, mainland students interested in languages ​​are better off staying at universities in Beijing or Shanghai to study it.

[MNA Editor-in-Chief]

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