I was really very close. I was so close to writing a very positive and sincere praise for the recent policies undertaken by our beloved authorities to control the outbreak.

I have an already strict policy of how authorities resist intense pressure from all different quadrants and sectors, force a strict blockade of the city, and in my opinion repeat mass test rounds and contact tracing. I was going to write a way to continue.

Given that the most influential Chinese Communist Party newspapers sought a tougher move and multiple lawmakers and businessmen repeatedly demanded that more difficult measures be taken, I don’t think it was easy.

Such statements do not just happen out of nowhere, reflecting the logic of “just ripping band-aids.” It is better to impose a strict blockade than to continue this kind of intermediate approach.

The government itself did not give any benefit to itself. Despite repeatedly stating that a well-planned approach has been established to prepare for such a situation, I cannot help feeling that there are large-scale improvisations and contradictory remarks. It was.

No matter what happens, it’s still difficult to understand the claim to keep the casino open.

After all, if anyone still goes to the casino at this point, it’s a case of gambling addiction research, so social workers should actually be placed there.

We have seen what appears to be a conflict of will within the administration itself. One side aims to continue the city-wide testing and some kind of maintenance of normal life policies we have seen so far, and the other side wants a mainland-style blockade.

It’s still confusing to me that some people seeking stricter measures can ignore the impact of such policies on people’s lives, mental health and family life.

But we had hope. Community incidents have diminished, and health and civilian protection have broken all sorts of blockades as early as last Friday.

All this insisted that the de facto blockade collapsed the day after it was thrown at us and authorities did not call it that way.

The city is basically suspended and can take legal action against street people who have not gone to any of the tests, emergencies, or important activities of the city.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a blockade.

You can now have a party like in 2020, but it’s still hard to tell the end.

Let’s say we all experience all of this and the omnicron virus reappears if we all return to the same merry-go-round.

Shanghai has spent two months blocking, and Covid’s case continues recently. Why do you think Macau can do better?

The day before this “non-lockdown” was announced, an analysis by the Macau University (UM) COVID-19 research team found that strict lockdown measures at the Macau SAR had a significant impact on maintaining social connectivity and accessibility. It was stated that there is.Education and medical services

All of these seem to be shrugged and can be ignored. The secret was not to keep repeating, but to do it under a different name anyway.

Most people are not allowed to use public buses or even work in the field. This policy always has a disproportionate impact on the most disadvantaged groups in societies that live in small apartments with many other workers or do not have luxury. Working from home.

It’s easy to say that we’re all on the same boat, but some are steering on the surface of the water, while others are almost drowning in galleys.

I was really so close, but I stumbled on the finish line. Like all the inhabitants of this declining city.

[MNA Editor-in-Chief]

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