Vernon Winfrey, the father of American television star Oprah Winfrey, died at the age of 89.

The presenter confirmed the news in an Instagram post that her father died in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday.

“Yesterday, with his bedside family, I witnessed the person responsible for my life and had the sacred honor of taking his last breath,” wrote a media tycoon. I am. “When he died, we could feel peace entering the room.”

Details of the funeral were not announced immediately.

Earlier this week, Winfrey surprised his father by throwing a surprise barbecue in Nashville on July 4th.

The event, called “Vernon Winfrey Thanksgiving Day,” included a barber chair in honor of his long career as a barber, and owned his own store in Nashville for nearly 50 years.

Vernon was a member of the Metro City Council in Nashville for 16 years and was a councilor at Tennessee State University.

Winfrey spent his childhood in his father’s hometown of Kosciusko, Mississippi, and in Milwaukee with his mother, Vernitary, who died in 2018.

But she also lived in Nashville between the ages of seven and nine, and with her father as a teenager.

“If I hadn’t been sent to my dad (when I was 14), I would have gone in the other direction,” Winfrey told The Washington Post in 1986.

“I could have made a good criminal. I would have used these same instincts differently.”

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