Oslo city government leaders have joined those who feel they need to offer a version of how to deal with the corona crisis. Although he did not agree, the country and his city nevertheless survived the crisis.

As the political leader of the Oslo city government, Labor Party member Raymond Johansen has held many press conferences during the corona crisis.He did not always agree with decisions made by the state government, even after falling under the leadership of his own party last year. Photo: Oslo Commune

The title of Johansen’s new book is Genom Chrysa (Through the Crisis) And another new book on Corona by former Conservative Health Minister Bent Hoye was released next week before it was published. But Johansen makes it clear that political leaders must lead, and that expert advice should not always be followed.

That could be a problem, but Johansen insisted to the newspaper classe campen Recently, “There are those who believe that there is an objectively technically correct crisis management in this society, and that it is non-political. So be on your guard.”

Johansen also said, “Every decision we make is political and Because you have to prioritize one thing over the other. Johansen argues that journalists did not ask enough critical questions, whereas he criticized mainly administrative leaders within the state health department, who often got along with state government officials. is doing. They often criticized civil servants: No Following expert advice often attacked disadvantaged citizens more strongly and emphasized class differences instead of questioning advice that encouraged loneliness.

Huye has already said he regrets closing the school for so long. Johansen also touches on it in his book.

Raymond Johansen also wanted to reveal his side of the Corona story. Photo: Kappelen Dam

While criticizing some of the decisions made by previous Conservative-led governments, he also lashes out at his own city government and its mistakes in his book. In a book co-authored by Randell, Johansen points out that the city did not respond quickly enough to the surge in infections after the 2020 summer vacation. Government of Oslo.

His government was also slow to keep Oslo’s various immigrant groups informed.

Johansen frustrated both the state health department, state health officials, and the government when they repeatedly refused to implement the proposed measures. He claims he has no regrets.

At a press conference in September 2020, he declared: He repeated a similar refusal to go along with state action.

For that matter, Johansen also criticized his own Labor government for allegedly “overreacting” to infection levels just before the Christmas holidays last year. New Prime Minister Jonas Gar Store basically shut down most political parties, but Johansen thought things should be opened up.

He thought it was understandable that the new variant of Omicron had caused concern. He and his city’s health director, Robert Steen, had hoped to reopen Oslo and Norway in early January, but said, “Norwegian populations will have to wait until February 12 before the measures are lifted.” I had to wait.”

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