As Pakistani Prime Minister Shevas Sharif heads to Qatar for a two-day visit, his ministers on Monday ratified a draft agreement allowing the government to provide troops for security at the Qatar World Cup.

The Qatari government has asked the Pakistani military to help provide a volunteer contingent for the Games, which will be Shebaz’s first visit to the Gulf states.

The two countries have not formally signed the draft agreement, nor have they disclosed how many troops they can send, but discussions could progress during the prime minister’s visit.

As part of the trip, Sharif will tour Stadium 974 where he will be briefed on the safety measures put in place by the Qatari government.

In 2019, Pakistani President Arif Alvi offered his country’s services to help protect it during the World Cup.

Alvi spoke with the commander of the Qatari Emily SS Major General Hazza bin Khalil bin Mansour al-Shawani and emphasized that Pakistan has a history of security.

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With the World Cup just around the corner, Qatar is working with countries to ensure a safe tournament for everyone participating.

Jordanian authorities in Amman provide security for veterans and military personnel under the age of 45.

Turkey will send chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN) personnel and about 3,000 members of the riot police.

South Korea will send five counter-terrorism police officers to advise security experts.

In Europe, British aerospace company BAE Systems will deliver 24 fighter jets as part of a 2017 contract to provide air support for the country.

France sends the BASSALT anti-drone system and one of the Air Force’s four E-3F Airborne.

The U.S. Secret Service also helps provide tactical and cybersecurity support.

Meanwhile, Morocco will strengthen Qatar’s security with thousands of police officers and a team of cybersecurity experts.

As Qatar is a non-NATO ally, the organization trains personnel on the threat of CBRN material sourced from the NATO Joint CBRN Defense Centers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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