Ramallah: Palestinians died Thursday after being shot in the stomach by Zionist troops during a “counterterrorism” operation on the west bank of the occupied Jordan and military statements. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said 27-year-old Mahmud Fayez Abu Ayhour was killed in Hahlhul, north of the flash point city of Hebron. The Red Crescent has previously reported several injuries following anxiety at Halful. The military told AFP that security forces “conducted counterterrorism efforts to confiscate terrorist funds in the town of Halfur.”

He said operations are concentrated in stores that dominate the Gaza Strip but are “suspected to be the focus” of resources related to the Hamas Islamic group, which also exists on the west bank. More than 1.1 million shekels ($ 328,000) have been confiscated, the military added. “During the operation, dozens of Palestinians threw explosive devices, Morotov cocktails, and rocks at the soldiers. The soldiers responded with riot dispersal and live ammunition. Hits were confirmed,” the military continued. However, he did not comment on the Palestinian deaths.

Over the last few weeks, Zionist troops have conducted almost daily operations across the West Bank, with multiple arrests. Nine people were arrested in the latest operation, which took place overnight, according to the military. Since late March, 19 people within the Zionist organization, including 18 and Jewish settlers, have been killed in attacks by Palestinians and Arabs within the Zionist organization.

Security forces have responded to attacks within and around the Zionist organization, especially in and around Genin. Three Arab attackers and police forces were killed. Forty Palestinians were killed on the west bank of the Jordan River. Non-combatants, including journalists in Al Jazeera, who reported the attacks on Genin and his bystanders, were also killed, albeit suspected of being radicals. Separately in Gaza on Thursday, the army reported gunshots fired from a blocked strip that landed in the field inside the Zionist entity. No one was injured. – AFP

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