Dr. Natalio Wheatley, New Prime Minister of the BVI

(CNS): Prime Minister Wayne Panton welcomed the news last week that Britain would not suspend the Constitution of the British Virgin Islands. The British government is giving the new coalition government time to investigate the corruption and address the problems facing the territory in the fallout from the arrest of the former Prime Minister of drug trafficking in April. But when Pantone spoke to his colleague in Congress, he said they should take the opportunity to remind themselves of what could happen.

“We are always vigilant, not thinking of anything, of course,
The highest level of governance and integrity in public life, “said the Prime Minister.

British Minister of Foreign Territories Amanda Milling visited the BVI after his arrest Andrew Fahee With drug billing in Miami Damn report There was hope that by the investigative commission and that Britain would impose direct governance.

But the BVI people worked hard on it, and their Representative Gather together to create National unity government, Dr. Natario Wheatley, immediately set out to tackle the problem. The parliamentary house voted to revoke Fahee’s prime minister before swearing in the new coalition and cabinet, and then pledged to implement government reforms and recommendations from the investigation.

Pantone said he attended a meeting with Milling and other bot leaders last week. Meanwhile, the minister has revealed that Britain will maintain the operation of the BVI Constitution and continue representative democracy through the coalition government.

“This decision is a commitment to maintain the dignity of democracy and the people of the British Virgin Islands by allowing the National Unity Government of Myanmar to pursue the implementation of the governance recommendations made by the Investigation Commission report. Reflects, “Panton said. He said he sent BVI news that Cayman was ready to support the Wheatley administration and welcomed his commitment to reform.

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