The People’s Action Party (PAP) launched a youth unit of the Murray Affairs Bureau (MAB) on Sunday (June 12) to enable young community members to engage and collaborate with policy makers.

MAB Muda, or MAB Youth, is co-chaired by PAP MPs Nadia Ahmad Samdin and Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim.

“Young Malays / Muslims want to make a meaningful contribution to our community and the future of Singapore. Many are interested in social causes and activities, including political spaces. “Nadia, MP of Ang Mo Kio GRC, said.

“MAB Waste is a platform for their voice and living experience, to foster their common interests. Ultimately, we act with our partners and young people for positive change. We-we hear them and we are here for them. “

Founded in 1954, the same year that PAP was founded, MAB pursued policies that address community concerns and claim their interests within the framework of Singapore’s multiethnic society.

The bureau established MAB Muda last year to review its structure in 2018, empower activists who want to be more involved, engage with the community, and allow young people’s concerns to be expressed and broadcast. did.

Sunday’s PAP also released the results of a recent survey of 162 Malay / Muslim youths in early May. The survey asked participants to select the top three challenges they faced today, among others.

Housing costs and security were the most selected options, with nearly 20 percent of respondents choosing them. This was followed by low salaries of about 20% and discrimination of about 17%.

Separately, this study shows that Malay / Muslim youth feel the need for more active citizens, about 25% of whom want more youth presentations. ..

Almost the same percentage of them wanted more policy debate between young people and policy makers.

With the launch of MAB Muda, a round table meeting was held with Nadia and Zhulkarnain at the Working Title Riverside restaurant in Bugis on Sunday.

The two MPs met with representatives of major Malay / Islamic youth organizations, representatives of various industries, and PAP activists.

Zhulkarnain, MP of Chua Chu Kang GRC, said the discussion was insightful in identifying issues that resonate deeply with today’s Malay / Islamic youth.

“In our interaction with young people, we have a true common desire to be together to do more, not just for the community, but for Singapore as a whole,” he said.

“MAB Muda is to involve more young people of different backgrounds in Singapore’s vibrant Malay / Muslim community and together advocate our collective interest in a brighter future. Is a continuation of our efforts. “

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