Friday’s front page focuses on the cost of living crisis as opposition demands an urgent budget to mitigate family impact.

The Irish examiner Lead in an article about inflation continuing to skyrocket as TD calls on the government to provide an emergency budget.

echo Focusing on the end of government-funded school meals, families are forced to use soup kitchens instead.

The Irish Daily Mail We are also looking at the bills to pay issue as inflation has reached its highest level since 1984.

The Irish sun Irish actor Michael Fassbender, who collided with a barrier while practicing Le Mans, focuses on avoiding a catastrophe.

At the end, Belfast Telegraph Leads an article about the BBC Northern Ireland, which may not have coverage of the July 12 parade.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the death sentence given to British men Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner is on the cover.

The Daily Telegraph When Daily mirror Cover the story, Daily mail The report caused “British anger”.

Metro The pair is called “Putin’s pawn”, Independent And that Me They say they were sentenced to “show trials.”

Like the masthead above, Financial Times I have a picture of a man who was imprisoned. However, the paper shows that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been accused of wasting £ 11 billion of taxpayers’ money by paying large amounts of interest on government debt repayments.

The head of Britain’s largest trade union warned that low-wage health workers are being called ill because they can’t afford fuel to attend work. Parents..

The Daily Express It covers the British Prime Minister’s plans to turn home ownership into reality for more people.

Train drivers are on strike and more railroad workers are reported to be on strike for industrial activities TimesIn the midst of growing controversy in the industry that threatens huge travel turmoil in the coming weeks.

Sun The Duke of Cambridge says, “It’s like his mother, Diana,” after being found selling a copy of The Big Issue in central London.

And that Daily star Ask, “What could go wrong?” In response to the Wizz Air boss urging the pilot not to stop working due to fatigue.

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