Parents of children returning to school on Monday after vacation (June 27) are not overly concerned about the recent increase in Covid-19 cases.

Some of them said they were hoping for more cases to emerge in the community, especially as the family traveled abroad during the one-month break.

However, with the majority of the vaccinated student population and evidence that the cases are not as severe as before, parents feel that their children can be safely sent to school.

Kathleen Goy, the mother of two elementary school students, said, “We will take precautions such as wearing masks, otherwise life will return to normal.”

Goy, 41, who works in marketing and events, added, “Getting Covid-19 is now commonplace. You have to survive seven days.”

52-year-old Patrick Roke, who has two daughters in primary 5 and secondary 1, said: Don’t look back.

“I think the Ministry of Education (MOE) is taking appropriate steps, such as wearing masks and ensuring a safe distance. We are not too worried unless there are mutations that cause very serious symptoms. . “

In Singapore, cases of Covid-19 caused by the new BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants are increasing. These subvariants are more contagious, but are not associated with increased hospitalization or mortality.

Parents said learning to live with Covid-19 is a new common sense and the way is to completely resume school activities.

Madame Micheltheo, 44, whose daughters are 6 and 13 years old, said, “There is an incident at school, but for some reason we haven’t caught it. Even if we get it. , Yes. It’s not like it used to be. It was very scary to get Covid-19. “

Vivien Low, 41, a civil servant with two sons, Primary 1 and Primary 3, said: He met the school and their friends. “

Parents said they would maintain habits such as hand hygiene and wearing masks.

The MOE guidelines for Covid-19 cases at school have not changed. A spokesman for the ministry said sick staff and students should self-administer a rapid antigen test (ART) and see a doctor if necessary.

Those who test positive for Covid-19 should adhere to the Ministry of Health (MOH) protocol, such as waiting for an ART result to be negative before returning to school.

Since April 26, MOH has stopped issuing health risk notices for close contact with Covid-19-positive people. However, the school disinfects the areas visited by the students at Covid-19.

“In line with national attitudes, group size, safe distances, or vaccination requirements are no longer required for students to participate in school activities,” MOE said.

He added that measures such as frequent hand washing and cleaning of high-five surfaces are still being implemented.

Eddie Foo, Principal of West View Primary School, said:

“During the welcomeback rally on Monday, we remind them that children may have forgotten these habits during their vacation,” he added.

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